Tragic Monsters

A brand inspired by skate, horror, music, pulp graphics and monsters. Tragic Monsters stands out from the competition by being focused on the wearability of the design.

Tragic Monsters Logo
Frankenstein in electric chair wearing Crawling Eyeball shirt while saying "Hahaha! It Tickles."
Social Square: Terrified Eye in background, shirt in foreground. Soon the world will see Tragic Monsters everywhere.Social Square: Man threatens werewolf with Neon Werewolf shirt. Headline: Secretly we're all Tragic Monsters. Speech Bubble: Put on the shirt and no one gets hurt!Social Square. Headline: Calling all Tragic Monsters. Image of three Tragic Monsters T Shirts
Neon Werewolf T ShirtTragic Monsters Type
 T ShirtCreeping Eye T Shirt
Model in bar wearing Tragic Monsters Mid Century T ShirtModel on neutral background wearing Tragic Monsters Mid Century T ShirtModel in subway wearing Tragic Monsters Mid Century T Shirt
Image of villagers with torches. Caption: Dozens of satisfied customers.

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