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Ad for Five Nights at Freddy's SNAPS! by Funko.

Five Nights at Freddy's

When I started at Funko, using computer generated renders, called “glams,” were the norm. When Five Nights at Freddy’s SNAPS! was awarded Toy of the Year, I wanted to step up the visuals we'd been using to promote it. Working with the extremely talented photographer Ashley Brock, I designed this ad to bring the thrill of this jump scare laden game to the printed page.

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Print Ad for Funko Pop SFX Batman

Sound FX Batman

For Funko's Sound Effects Batman, I wanted our audience to see how fun and engaging our products (and the creative behind them) really were. Something to make them want to reach out and play with those figures. I designed the layout, typography and even illustrated the word balloons. I collaborated with Ashley Brock to find the right photo and Meridia Clark, who wrote the copy. Our art director, Kayla Mogensen, oversaw the whole thing, offering crucial feedback to dial everything in under a tight deadline. It was a thrilling example of team collaboration and one of my favorite creative experiences at Funko.

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Willie's Reserve campaign.

Willie's Reserve

Believe it or not, one of the biggest obstacles facing the launch of Willie Nelson’s cannabis line was a younger generation who wasn’t familiar with him and his connection with cannabis.  I concepted and pitched a series of ads using striking photography and copy to re-introduce Willie Nelson to a new generation through his decades long commitment to the plant. It was so successful I would go on to create two more campaigns for Willie’s Reserve as well as Willie’s Remedy.

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Funko Holiday key artwork

Funko Holiday 2022

The request was for a mid century holiday campaign to work across the Funko and Loungefly brands. To bring a uniquely Funko twist, I pitched  retro-future spaceship ornaments.  Holiday Freddy was illustrated by John Skewes and recolored by Nancy Silbaja-Martinez. Not pictured are a suite of icons wonderfully executed by Alexis based on a single concept that I designed.

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Grayscale spaceships
Funko social media

Funko Social Media

The bulk of design work at Funko is digital and social ads announcing new product several times a week. Here's a small sample of a few of my favorites. These adds combine working within brand guidelines to custom type that I selected and set. All approved by licensors in a lightning quick timeline.

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Funko Disney Plus ads

Funko + Dinsney Plus

This one seems straight forward but was actually pretty crazy. While I had access to the Disney Plus brand guide and logo, there were no other assets for the campaign available to me. I rebuilt all of the Disney Plus brand elements from scratch following their brand guide. It's a good example of co-branding following guidlines from a high profile partner. I had a selection of subjects that could be included, and I picked these stunning photos from Chelsea Bradley, that looked incredible within the Disney Plus branding and made our ads  stand out.

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